Pre-Cooler Unit


  • Extractive gas analysis
  • Emission and process monitoring
  • Continuous condesate pre-separation
  • Minimizes water vapour cross sensitivities and volumetric errors
  • Drainage of contaminations
  • Upstream discharge of sample gas coolers


  • Very powerful compact complete unit with condensate removal and monitoring
  • High flow rates of up to 250 Nl/h
  • High separation rate
  • Very low wash out ratios even at high water vapour concentrations in the sample gas
  • High inlet dew points possible
  • Reliable condensate separation
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Easy to maintain design


  • New modular designed compact construction
  • New heat exchanger JHEX-4 in different materials
  • Reliable condesate pre-separation due to cooling the sample gas down to ambient temperature
  • Integrated condensate pump as option
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