Heated Sampling Pipe


  • For extractive gas analysis
  • For emission and process monitoring
  • For avoidance of acid dew point lower deviaton between sampling point and gas sampling probe
  • Combinable with gas sampling probes JES-301 and JES-301L


  • Sampling without influence on the sample gas
  • No corrosion due to condensate formation
  • Homogeneous heating of interior and exterior pipe to 180 °C due to even temperature distribution across the whole heat conductor length, independent of the operating conditions
  • Easy mounting
  • Pre-filter and extensions adaptable
  • No temperature sensor necessary with HTI-16
  • Pt100 temperature sensor with JTC-308
  • Illuminated temperature display


  • Corrosion resistant double shell pipe with internal heating
  • Heating failure monitoring with alarm contact and indication
  • Mounting directly at the standard process flange
  • Tube length of 500 to 2000 mm available
  • Controlled heating up to 180 °C
  • Electronic temperature controller with temperature display
  • Controller for wall mounting or directly mounted at the sampling tube (option)
  • Electrical connection with plug connection STAS200 for temperature controller HTI-16 or turn-key mounted with JTC-308
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