Gas Sampling Probe for Pre-Filter Back Flush


  • Representative continuous gas sampling in
    processes containing high dust and humidity
  • Installation in Ex-zone 1, 2 or 21, 22
  • Hazardous gases
  • Pressurized processes
  • Extractive gas analysis
  • Emission (CEMS) and process monitoring
  • Removal of dust from the sample gas


  • Cost-optimized solutions
  • No condensation or chemical reactions of sample gas
  • Convenient filter replacement
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe unattended operation
  • Easy start-up
  • Even for high dust concentrations
  • Reliable protection of the analyzer system
  • Long filter lifetime


  • Modular design for custom-tailored applications
  • Highly efficient filter cleaning
  • Homogeneous heating without cold spots
  • Large active filter surface
  • Filtration from outside to inside
  • Filter element change without tools
  • Different material of filter elements
  • Self-limiting heater for T3 or T4
  • Temperature status contact
  • Weather protection housing
  • Various options and upgrades
  • Wide range of accessories
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