Pure Air Generator


  • Zero air generator for zero check and calibration of gas analysers
  • For dilution of calibration gas
  • For dilution of reaction mixture with zero gas at gas phase titration (GPT)
  • For hydrocarbon-free burner air supply of GC combustion detectors like e.g. flame ionisation detectors (FID)


  • Reliable constant continuous pure air on ppt level
  • Simple installation
  • Economically operation (no need to purchase or replace gas cylinders)
  • Optimal operating safety
  • Error messages are indicated as text on the display
  • Low maintenance effort with indication of maintenance instructions on the display
  • Stand-by mode for short interruptions of operation


  • Continuous production of pure air, free of water vavour (H2O),hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), ozone (O3) and carbon monoxide (CO)
  • For direct connection of compressed air or an external compressor
  • PLC process control with display for temperatures (cooler, catalyst), operating hours, as well as status and error messages
  • Water vapour removal with peltier cooler to a dew point of -15 °C
  • Automatic periodically condensate removal
  • With integrated pre-filter for protection of the external compressor
  • With integrated dust filter in the in- and outlet for removal of solid particles
  • With integrated separator for condensate droplets with automatic discharge and pressure relief safety-valve
  • With 2 precision pressure regulators in the in- and outlet
  • With palladium catalyst, ozone generator and activated charcoal for “gas cleaning”
  • For 19″-rack mounting or free standing operation
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