Temperature Controller RGC Solid State Relays or with housing


  • Digital temperature controller and Solid State Relay combination for all (very long) JCT heated sample lines
  • For operation wit elevated safety requirements due to a limiter function with permanent shut down and status message
  • Also universal applicable for temperature control
  • For PWM-heating applications


  • Long lifetime due to Solid State Relay instead of electro mechanic relais
  • Excess temperature limiter with permanent shut down and low temperature alarm
  • Operating current of 100 VAC to 240 VAC
  • Self optimising (Autotuning)
  • Programmable status contacts
  • Easy installation and set up
  • High reliability
  • Robust compact design


  • Ready for use combination of digital temperature controller JPXE4 and Solid State Relay
  • RGC with up to 30 A switching capacity
  • 4-digits LED-indication of set point and actual value
  • For PT 100 and thermocouples
  • JPXE4 for front panel mounting or optional for wall or rail mounting
  • Solid State Relay RGC for rail mounting
  • For single and 3 phase application
  • SSR with varistor protection output
  • Self-lifting terminals
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