The new JCT GROUP provides the same high quality and well-engineered products to broad range of industries. Our motto is simple: “Provide solutions that people can trust”. With this philosophy, the JCT Group now ensure solutions of safety for our air and water.

With its new acquisitions, the Group provides Gas Sampling Systems, Liquid Sampling Systems, Air Monitoring Systems and Analytical Products that can measure across broad spectrum of industries.

Our contribution to climate protection

We generate approx. 66 % of our own electricity

means we avoid almost 60+ tons of CO2 !!
…we continue to work on becoming CO2 neutral…

To counteract our ecological footprint the JCT Group has invested in
* a photovoltaic system with 80 kWp
* a charging station and
* electric corporate cars

From September 1st, 2021 on to January 31st, 2023,
JCT has saved 40 t of standard coal, avoided almost 50t of CO2 – that are 65 trees !!

JCT Group not only writes environmental issues into its management handbook, but also lives them in any possible way not only in its moderate structure of product prices.

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