Company Policy

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide world-class products and services to our customers as well as economical and user-friendly solutions in the field of environmental and safety technology by using cutting edge technology.

Our Business Goal

Constant qualitative and quantitative growth of our company  is the primary aim of owners and employees. Risks and opportunities are comprehensively observed and actively managed. Compliance with legal requirements is as natural to us as rejecting corruption in any form. A fundamental goal that we share with our customers is to create and maintain a healthy environment. In behalf of our company and our shareholders, we intend to generate the required income and use it to achieve our purposes.

Our Customer – Our Partner

Our special concern is to capture the needs of the customer and to develop adequate solutions in dialogue with our partner, which not only meet, but even exceed, ever-expending requirements. For us, an optimal customer relationship results in a long-term partnership.

Our Employee – Our Asset

Mutual trust and a first-class working environment are the primary motivation for our employees in their customer-oriented, efficient work. Absolute reliability, a sense of responsibility and the willingness to continuous advancement are essential. Naturally the rights of employees should be upheld.

Our Supplier – Our Base

As link between manufacturer and customer we involve our suppliers in our processes and strive for close cooperation with mutual feedback.

Continuous Advancement

We appreciate what has been achieved and at same time commit ourselves to continuous improvement of our processes, our thinking and our actions on the base of effective analysis.